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What Are The Top Wedding Make-up Trends For Brides In 2023

The secret to good wedding make-up is making you look your best, while still looking like you. This is no mean feat for make-up artists to achieve, especially when bridal make-up trends change all the time. 

To find out what the latest make-up looks will be this year, read on. 


Glowing bride

Most brides want to look fresh-faced on their wedding day, which is why there is a big trend for luminous make-up this year. 

Products that highlight your skin, give a dewy complexion and make you appear glowing will be all the rage, helping you to appear ethereal as you walk down the aisle. 

The Knot recommends “using products that blend seamlessly with your skin and give the illusion of a glow from within”. It advises getting luminous primers, lightweight foundations and tinted serum with mineral pigments, as these can brighten the skin and, seemingly, create a filter without being too heavy. 


Bold lips

Not all brides want to look make-up free though, and some will bring a huge pop of colour to their wedding day with bold lipstick. 

If you fancy having a more glamorous look when you tie the knot, ditch the peach lipstick in favour of strong colours.

Chanel make-up artist Mary Greenwell told Who What Wear: “Bold, bright lips like ice popsicles are going to be trending in 2023. Colour pops of deep blackcurrants, intense berry tones, and vibrant oranges will be big.”

She advised brides to wear lots of mascara for long, fluttering lashes, as this will “balance out the look”. 


Smokey eyes

Another clue that brides want to be uber sexy this year is the growing trend for smokey eyes. Instead of neutral eyeshadows, opt for a darker colour, such as grey or silver. 

Ninni Nummela, another Chanel make-up artist, recommended smudging eyeliner along the inner rime of the eyes and blending it on to the eyelids. 

“Forget about perfection,” she advised, adding: “Instead, create a more lived-in mysterious smokey eye look.”

You can also blend a darker shade of eyeshadow into the crease of the eye and at the bottom of the eyelids, balancing it out with a lighter colour in the middle. 


Bejewelled faces

This year, it isn’t just about what make-up you wear, but what jewels you accessorise your face with. Embellishments, such as face gemstones, are going to be huge in 2023, whether they are dotted around your eyes, cheeks or collarbones. Some brides also love spritzing their face with glitter for that extra shimmer. 

You could save this look for the evening reception, jazzing up your style once the night falls. Or, if you’re feeling brave, wear rhinestones or pearls on your eyelids all day long. 

Don’t forget your other bridal accessories too, from tiaras to veils. Choose things that complement your make-up look well, such as crystal jewellery’s sets if you love the glitz and glamour of facial embellishments. 


Natural lashes

While most brides would love to have long, thick, fluttering lashes, the trend for big falsies is waning. In fact, many ladies are opting for natural lashes on their wedding day, enhanced with lash serum in the months leading up to it.

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