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Superstar Adele Hailed After Signing Wedding Dress

V If you are getting married soon, you may be looking for some extra touches to make your wedding outfit look truly exceptional.

Bridal tiaras certainly come into that category, as they can make your outfit look like something fit for a queen, which may be the next best thing to having your dress actually signed by one.

Since last September, we don’t have an actual queen available, but there may be some pretty good substitutes. After all, Adele is considered musical royalty and has been widely hailed as a “queen” on social media by one fan for autographing a bride’s dress during a gig.

The singer, who was performing at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas, stopped to sign the dress of a fan who had just got married and was attending the concert with her new husband.

Gaby the bride, who was there with husband Evan posted on Instagram: “My world is made - found the love of my life and this man was determined to have Adele sing at our wedding... Seven years later all our dreams came true.“ She thanked Adele for creating the “memory of a lifetime”.

No doubt she could never have imagined that a “woman like me” would get such a treat, but while she and Adele were “strangers by nature,” the superstar was clearly keen to make the day extra special.   

Sadly, for most brides the idea of having Adele sing at their wedding and autograph their dress is unlikely to be fulfilled, so the important thing is to focus on being the centre of attention themselves. On this day, you will be the queen, which is why you should wear the tiara.

Of course, if you actually are Adele and you have apparently just got engaged with a big gleaming engagement ring on display, then that’s another matter entirely.

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