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Why Bridal Separates Are Going To Be A Huge Trend This Year

Brides tend to dream about what wedding dress they will wear on their Big Day, but these days, there is so much choice when it comes to bridal outfits. In fact, one of the top trends for the year is wearing separates, with two-piece gowns giving them the flexibility and style kudos they want. 


Baring bellies

Revealing your belly hasn’t been this popular since Britney Spears hit the screen in the video for …Baby One More Time back in 1998. But everyone is showing off their midriff these days, including brides. 

Having a separate top and skirt allows the fashion-conscious to turn up to their wedding giving a glimpse of their stomach, without revealing too much. 

Balance out a belly-baring outfit with long sleeves or high neckline, and team it with a full-length skirt to still have the glamorous touch. 


Get an exact fit

Most women are not the same size on top as they are on the bottom, which is why so many ladies struggle when buying dresses, as they are likely to be loose in one area and tight in the other. 

So, why should they wear one on the day they want to look their best?

The great thing about wearing separates is you can get a perfect fit for both the bridal top and skirt, so the overall look is flawless, instead of wearing a dress that is pinching in one area and baggy in another. 


Customise your own outfit

Another reason why separates are becoming increasingly popular is because brides can have a really unique outfit by mix-matching their tops and bottoms. 

They have even more choice than if they were picking a bridal gown, as they can choose to opt for a bodice in the same style or find a completely contrasting one. 

Whatever they opt for, it is likely their look will be unique, and really show off their personality. 


Change throughout the day 

Wearing a two-piece also gives brides the flexibility of changing their outfit throughout the day. For instance, they might decide to slip on a lace bolero over the top of their satin bodice for a church service, and then remove it for the evening reception. 

Alternatively, they could swap a more traditional princess skirt for a short mini skirt when the lights go down. They can really alter the look of their outfit without actually having to wear a completely new one. 



If you were to ask a group of women if they wear dresses or trousers more often in their day-to-day lives, it is likely the majority would choose the latter. 

So, why are brides typically expected to dress in something they hardly ever wear in real life?

Break the mould and choose a pair of pants for your Big Day instead, with trouser suits becoming increasingly popular among modern brides. 

You could choose from wide-legged ivory trousers paired with wedges; this year’s must-have, bootcut trousers with a short crop top; or flattering cigarette pants that finish just above the ankle, teamed with sexy stilettos. 

Whatever you choose, if it is something you wear more often than a dress, you’re bound to feel far more comfortable in it.

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