Wedding Regrets Show What Not To Wear

Wedding Regrets Show What Not To Wear

When preparing to get married, every bride wants to look her best. All sorts of ideas will be involved beyond the dress itself; these include jewellery, hair, makeup, footwear and all sorts of extras. 

Much time can be spent on trying to get the right combination, but sometimes it can seem like a lot of guesswork and what seems like a great idea at the time can occasionally turn out to be anything but. For that reason, it may prove very useful for brides-to-be to learn from the mistakes of others when they can.

Glamour Magazine recently published a list of regrets expressed by TikTok users about their own wedding days that included a number of errors that you can easily avoid. Not all of them related to what the bride wore, of course; issues ranged from wasting lots of money on hiring fun and games items for the reception which actually people failed to use, to failing to go from table-to-table to greet people at the reception. 

However, there were certainly some clothing-related errors involved. One was practical, with the seamstress only adding one loop for the bustle rather than two, as the one that was there “broke quite early on”. It is certainly essential that your dress should be robust and last for the day!

The article noted that two of the TikTokers featured regretted spending so much money on wedding shoes. One of them elaborated on this choice, noting she had spent $1,500 (£1,250) on her fancy wedding shoes, when clearly she could have purchased a pair of shoes for less than $100 and certainly looked as beautiful but without the high price tag. 

Perhaps the latter comment is most telling. The reality is, although you want to ensure you have beautiful shoes, they aren’t the most important item, as few people will be looking at the bride’s footwear, especially if they are largely hidden under a long dress. The main focal point will be the dress, the jewellery, the hair and makeup. 

That is why it makes sense to focus more on the most visible items. We supply wedding jewellery sets for brides with this in mind, because unlike shoes these will be seen clearly on the day and will be preserved in the photographs afterwards, both the official ones and those guests take themselves. 

Indeed, it is worth nothing that things like shoes can only be seen well when you walk down the aisle by those sitting next to it, with those further down the rows not able to see this. If ever there was something to save money on, this is it, that’s why we sell a stunning range of affordable wedding shoes that won’t break the bank. 

Of course, now we are into a new year the crystal balls have come out and the fashion experts have been telling us what will be the dominant styles for weddings in 2023. 

For instance, Vogue has predicted a 90s minimalist style will be common, a development borne out of a collective rethink of how to do weddings during the pandemic when nuptials were pared-back affairs. Other predictions included more of a focus on buttonholes for men and bows for brides. 

Such forecasts may or may not turn out to be accurate, but your wedding is not all about fashion; it is a chance to make smart and wise choices about what will help you look your best, without wasting time, effort and money and things that will have little impact.

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