How To Accessorise Your Bridal Outfit

How To Accessorise Your Bridal Outfit

The most important part of a bridal outfit has to be the wedding dress, but once this has been chosen and properly fitted, you still need to give consideration to other accessories to make the whole ensemble really come together. 

After your veil, jewellery and shoes, don’t forget about getting a beautiful bridal headpiece, as these can really elevate the whole look

So, what headpieces should you pick for your 2023 wedding?



Whether you opt for a tiara, a headband, a flower crown, or hair pin really depends on the style of wedding and dress you have chosen. A big event with lots of guests, a fancy manor house and a princess-style gown lend themselves very well to an intricately-detailed tiara. 

These are making a big comeback in 2023, thanks to recent regal occasions, including the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee last year and the upcoming coronation of King Charles III. 

The hit series The Crown on Netflix has also shown off some of the royal family’s most famous headpieces, including the Lover’s Knot worn by Princess Diana, the Lotus Flower tiara on Princess Margaret, and the Girls of Great Britain & Ireland tiara that Queen Elizabeth II wore at a Ghillies Ball. 


Floral hair vine

Not everyone wants a formal wedding, and lots of couples opt for more laidback, boho chic type events. In this case, a beautiful floral hair vine would look perfect teamed with a lace dress. 

There is a huge range of hair vines to choose from, whether you want ones that decorate one side of your head or ones that fit like a headband. 

You could add a bit of sparkle with crystals or go for an elegant look with the addition of pearls. 

Brides with long hair might consider having their tresses styled in a beautiful fishtail plait with a bridal hair vine intertwined for a romantic look. 


Flower crowns

Though flower crowns used to be reserved for flower girls and young bridesmaids, more and more brides are opting for these headpieces. 

They have become particular popular since the wedding of the nation’s favourite PE teacher Joe Wicks to his wife Rosie Jones in 2019. 

To fit in with their festival-style wedding, Rosie wore a stunning floor-length ivory gown with sheer tulle overlay and long sleeves. Her gown had a plunge neckline, and it was decorated with jewelled embellishments. 

The former model finished her ethereal gown with a large floral crown, which sat daintily on her soft brunette waves. 


Hair pins

If you don’t want something as glamorous as a tiara or as attention-grabbing as a flower crown, you could always decorate your hair with pretty pins instead. 

These are ideal for brides opting to have their hair in an up do for the day, as it adds a touch of softness to a formal style. 

They are also great for slipping into your hair after taking your veil off in the evening. Most brides don’t wear their veil all day long, in which case swapping it for some pretty hair pins is a popular idea. 

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