How Much Should Wedding Jewellery Match Up?

How Much Should Wedding Jewellery Match Up?

 Brides getting married have every reason in the world to go large with the bling. After all this is meant to be the best and most special day of your life, not to mention probably the most photographed. 

However, when it comes to choosing wedding jewellery sets for brides, some thought is needed before diving in and making a swift decision about what to wear.

Firstly, does it match up with everything else you will be wearing, and does that matter? argues it is vital that the jewellery matches your dress.  It quoted bridal specialist Lauren Hartman stating that “Jewellery and accessories make a dress belong to the bride,” adding that it provides a “personal touch”.

How personal is personal, however? Ms Hartman advised that a certain familiarity should be your watchword. “If you never wear earrings, let’s not use your wedding day as the first time you bring out a statement earring,” she advised.

Another issue is if there is a colour theme to everything. If your wedding livery and the colour gems on your rings are part of a consistent pattern, you may decide it is important that the jewellery set for the day matches this. 

However, Ms Hartman advised, not everything has to match. After all, the engagement and wedding ring will be for everyday wear, so it does not mean an emerald ring must be matched by emerald earrings. Even gold and platinum can be juxtaposed up to a point, she stated.

Perhaps, however, a thematic consistency in terms and style and colour can be focused on what The Knot recommends every bridal jewellery set should include: one major statement piece as the central focal point.  

Ultimately, it is up to you if you want a colour scheme where everything matches up, but it isn’t absolutely essential; the reality is that you can use a lot more creative freedom and still look fantastic on the day.

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