Could You Wear A Bolero Without Being An Ice Queen?

If anyone mentions the word ‘Bolero’, it is likely thoughts will turn to the piece of music of that name by the composer Maurice Ravel, which became the epitome of sporting perfection by Torvill and Dean at the Winter Olympics in 1984, with a display of astonishing brilliance that earned unprecedented sixes across the board for artistic merit as the competition was blown away.

That spellbinding display of artistry in Sarajevo may have been the most beautiful bolero in history, but it is not the only kind. A bolero can also be a fabulously stylish bridal garment, a warm, furry jacket of cropped length, worn on top of a bridal dress but with arm holes to distinguish them from shawls. They also tend to be open at the front, though not always.

As The Knot noted, boleros can come in a wide range of materials and styles. It said lace versions “add a sophisticated touch to classic gowns”, while “fur or faux fur shrugs add warmth and drama”, while knitted or crocheted bolero shrugs offer a “more casual” look for boho brides. It added that there are also bearded, tulle and sheer options. 

Wearing a bridal fur bolero may be the logical thing to do if you are not planning a summer wedding, but a date in autumn or winter when its warming effects may be rather useful at times, even if the temperature is warm enough for it to be discarded at key moments when you are indoors at the ceremony or reception.

However, the key thing to note is that this will in no way make you look like an ‘ice queen’. Indeed, without actually using the word “bolero” to tell anyone what you are wearing, it is unlikely any guests will suddenly think of Jane Torvill performing spellbinding moves with Christopher Dean. After all, you probably won’t be dressed in purple. 

However, any bride who puts on a bolero will stand out in other ways. For one thing, they do remain fairly unusual. It is not a trend that can be seen among famous royal weddings, either here or elsewhere; nor those of other famous brides. That means there is no fashion bandwagon to jump on.

That may be one of the great advantages of wearing a bolero. You will not be seen as doing the same as anyone else with what might be a fairly unusual (though far from unique) outfit. People who have been to enough weddings will probably have seen a bride in a bolero before, but not in most of the nuptials they have attended. 

What all that means is that your bolero will make you stand out, and do so in a way that you choose according to the particular style. You will be neither an ice queen, nor a queen of the ice in pursuit of an Olympic gold medal. But you will certainly look exceptionally cool and your look will be one many others present will wish they had thought of for their wedding day.

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