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Accessories Every Bride Should Consider For Her Wedding

Looking and feeling like a princess on your wedding day is something all little girls dream of growing up. Most people have spent hours fantasising over how they will look on their big day, from finding the perfect dress to the best makeup look.

Adding a few extra touches to your wedding outfit is what makes it truly special and there are several accessories a bride must try if she wants to achieve the perfect bridal look.

Depending on your dress, personal style and the theme of your wedding, the accessories you choose will vary, however there are several that should absolutely be considered if you want to wow your guests and soon-to-be-spouse as you walk down the aisle.

Jewellery is a must on your wedding day. It truly is the cherry on top of the cake and helps to tie your entire look together, creating a cohesive and well-thought-out outfit.

The style of jewellery will depend on your dress, however there are several key pieces that can’t be missed.

For example, a necklace is a must for a bride whose dress revealed her decolletage. While this may not work for high-necked dresses, one with an open neckline will benefit enormously from a well-chosen necklace.

This will help to fill the area of bare skin, bringing attention up towards the face and away from the chest. Choosing a dainty piece that matches your dress in colour will accentuate your neckline and give you an elegant, timeless look.

Or you could choose something more daring and sparkly to bring more attention to the neckline of your dress. This would work well for a bride who has a simple yet beautiful gown and wants to add some glitz and glamour with her accessories.

Earrings can make a statement too. Choosing something small and sparkly, or large and attention-grabbing can take a look from sweet and charming to bold and sexy.

A wedding veil is another element that a bride should definitely try out. Veils are part of traditional wedding outfits and there is a multitude of styles out there to suit every bride. Cathedral-length veils with detailed lace edges give a dramatic, romantic feel whereas a short tulle veil adds fun and excitement to the look.

Your veil should match your dress and look as though it is part of the outfit, not an added extra, so trying out several styles before choosing the one is important.

Hair pieces are an alternative, or addition, to a veil. Tiaras and sparkly pins are a popular choice and add that extra special touch to your hairstyle. They are also great for covering the veil attachment and further aid in creating a seamless look.

Or, go veilless and embellish your hair with subtle hints of sparkle and shine by using pear or crystal hair pins. These work amazingly with updos as they can be slotted in make your hair look as though it is shining,

Or, for a more casual romantic vibe, opt for floral pieces. Flower crowns and floral arrangements in the hair which match your bouquet are a beautiful, fun way to bring interest to your hairstyle while still remaining on theme.

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