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Bridal Arm Capes Ivory Tulle 3D Chiffon Flowers & Pearls PBA2018

  • £130.00

Full Length Bridal Arm Capes with 3D Flowers & Pearls 

These stunning Arm Capes are truly designed for making a grand entrance.  You can totally transform your bridal look with these arm capes as they are attached onto thin satin straps, which means you can attach them on to any style wedding gown, whether it be strapless or with a shoulder.  The beautiful soft ivory tulle is stunningly adorned with 3D chiffon flowers, lace motif and delicate petals and scattered with shimmering pearls. Add drama and glamour to a simple bridal gowns or add more drama to more embellished styles.

Fabric:  Ivory tulle / 3D Flower / Petals /Pearls

Colours Available:   Ivory 

Size : Full Length / One Size