Sarah Alexander

Copper Turquoise Necklace, Gemstone Jewellery, MOON RIVER

  • £150.00

Stunning Necklace Featuring Copper Turquoise Precious Stones By Sarah Alexander

A very impressive and beautiful long necklace for a truly unique look. This gorgeous piece of gemstone jewellery features Copper Turquoise semi precious stone cabuchon cut to bring out the natural beauty and tone of the stone. (Copper turquoise has copper/ gold toned veins naturally running through the stone) The colour and opaqueness of the gemstones will vary due to the unique nature of semi precious stone variation as each cut stone is individual.

Set in 14ct Gold Plated on Jewellers Brass finished in a high shine finish.

Set on a chain necklace in matching 14ct Gold Plated on Jewellers Brass, length 36″ with no clasp as it is long enough to place over head and can be wrapped for a double necklace effect.

Each item comes beautifully packaged in luxury boxes including protective pouch to keep your jewellery item looking its very best.


Turquoise is found in places with naturally dry climates such as USA, Mexico, Chile and Tibet. Copper Turquoise is produced by reconstituting natural turquoise to make it stronger and by adding veining of real copper. It is an opaque gemstone varying in tone from pale blue to green blue and the copper makes a perfect compliment with stunning effect. Considered to be a stone of communication it is linked with wisdom, truth and healing.