Artificial Wedding Bouquet

Why Choose Artificial Wedding Flowers

Artificial Wedding Flowers VS Fresh Flowers

In more recent years Artificial Wedding Flowers are now becoming an increasingly popular alternative to fresh flowers. The options for fake flowers now are high quality, much more realistic in look and feel, so they can be just as beautiful and your guests will never notice the difference. More often than not, artificial flowers are a cheaper alternative to fresh flowers and you can keep them forever. 

Many brides will go for fresh wedding flowers for their special day, but there are many downsides to choosing fresh. The main one being, they can be much more expensive than artificial flowers. They won’t last and need to be dealt with immediately if you want to salvage any of the flowers from your big day. Whether that’s drying or pressing them and depending on the time of year you get married, your chosen flower may not be available at that time of year. 

Reasons to choose Artificial Flowers for Your Wedding Day

1) Cost of Wedding Flowers

One big deciding factor for real flowers vs fake flowers is the cost. There is no doubt that real flowers can be much more expensive than fake wedding flowers. If you are hoping to keep to a budget, choosing fake flowers will certainly free up some of your money to spend on other important things for your special day.

2) Available All Year Round

There is a vast variety of beautiful realistic looking flowers available all year round, even if they’re out of season. Fake flowers will never wilt or die and will always be in full bloom which means they will last forever, therefore allowing you to take them home as a keepsake of your special day, or you may wish to gift them to a special friend or member of family. 

3) Endless Colours of Artificial Flowers

Unfortunately, not all colours are available in fresh flowers, but artificial flowers come in more or less every colour, which makes it so easy to colour match artificial flowers to perfectly match your colour palette. 

4) More Durable and Sturdy

By design, artificial wedding flowers are much more robust than real flowers, so throwing your bouquet won’t be a problem. They will easily withstand wind and rain without causing any damage to them, therefore ensuring they will stay intact throughout your day. 

 5) Artificial Flowers are Allergen Free

For some guests, real flowers can present a real problem in the form of seasonal allergies. Therefore artificial flowers are perfect for those who do suffer with allergies, so there’s no chance of streaming eyes and runny noses whilst you’re walking down the aisle and they won’t attract wasps or any other insects and bugs.  

6) Ordering Your Wedding Flowers In Advance 

By ordering your fake flowers in advance of your wedding, you have the beauty of being able to try them with your dress. Unlike fresh flowers, you receive them on the morning of the wedding and hope that everything is ok.

7) Fake Flowers Won’t Stain Your Wedding Dress

Real flowers carry the risk of staining your wedding dress, whereas artificial flowers won’t do that.

8) Perfect For Destination Weddings

Artificial wedding flowers are perfect for destination weddings, as they will travel perfectly well without getting damaged and will withstand all conditions. 

9) The Perfect Finished Product

By choosing an experienced Faux Flower Wedding Florist your wedding flowers will look amazing and so realistic. Topknot Tiaras and Veils have been creating Artificial Wedding Flowers for over 20 years, so you know you will be safe in the hands with us. 

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We hope we have given you some good advice as to the benefits to choosing artificial wedding flowers for your special day.



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